Tuesday 29 May 2018

Book Review- Crime Thriller- Missing Links

Missing Links by Rosaleen Flanagan.
ISBN 978-1-5272-2326-4

Recent years have seen a spate of female Detective Inspectors, Sergeants and Superintendents competing with their male peers to solve crimes and restore justice. The likes of Stella Gibson in 
The Fall, Catherine Cawood in Happy Valley and Jane Tennison in Prime Suspect have kept me stuck to my armchair for seasons on end…

In  the novel Missing Links Rosaleen Flanagan gives us our very own home grown sleuth.
Hers is an exciting new voice in the genre of Crime fiction.
A native of Tullamore, Flanagan’s familiarity with Midland towns and village community gives her story  a true ring of authenticity.

Missing Links is Flanagan’s first novel in a trilogy that follows the path of Cathy Spratt DI and her dealings with crime in the Irish heartland.


Cathy Spratt deserves a hard earned break; so she takes herself off to Carrabhain, to the cottage she inherited from her father. Here she hopes to recharge her batteries and restore her energy and enthusiasm for the demanding role of Detective Inspector that awaits her in Dublin.

However, during her stay, a local crime, the fatal attack of pensioner Ned Cunningham, drags her back into the fray.
Given Cathy’s local connections in  the village, Chief Superintendent Clarke thinks that she is in an advantaged position to crack the case. If she doesn’t solve it ,Cathy knows that she will never be able to hold her head up in this townland again.

A botched robbery? Or a murder perpetrated for an inheritance?

Cathy brings all her forensic know- how and instinct to the challenge of finding Ned's attacker. 
Rural Ireland is a place where secrets are not kept for long and villagers are keenly aware of their neighbours' routines and habits. With the help of this local pool of information the DI hopes to bring the killer to justice before he strikes again....

But sightings of a phantom jeep in the bog, missing Sterling  notes, the disappearance of a young woman and the subsequent discovery of  her body heighten the intensity of  Spratt's search.
The inquiry develops into a National and Cross Channel man hunt.
Then a local woman disappears and time is running out for the DI…

As the end draws near and the uncomfortable truth surrounding the murders becomes clear, the hunt for the killer culminates in a shocking confrontation.

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