Wednesday 3 July 2024

Merlin Magic

My Merlin bird app can't locate me

which is hardly surprising, for my Galaxy A54 

sets the time at 5.17am, August 1st, a year ago

and I don't even know where I was then.

It would probably help 

if I actually did pay as I go

but Merlin being a wizard of course

has managed to conjure regardless

And so I have apparently, and likely enough,recorded 

the call of oyster catchers and red billed choughs 

and meadow pipits and sand pipers 

on my sojourn along Lamb's head

But the non migratory Appalachian ruffed grouse

and the sapsucker,likewise of Canadian ilk 

and migratory only as far as Central America

seem a conjuring feat too far

(Though Merlin was a shapeshifter himself

from man to fish to squirrel to turtle to hare,

not forgetting caterpillar,mouse,crab and goat

and always in blue)

So it might be a plan next time I stroll

to the drumroll of the Atlantic

along Derrynane Bay 

to actually pay as I go...

Copyright July 2024 Cathy Leonard All rights reserved

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