Wednesday 31 January 2018

January Thaw

It's been a few months. Writer's block? Life? Whatever?
Here, anyway, is a January offering.
Inspired by the antics of my sleek black setter and our domestic one eyed moggy.


She’s holding out for more-for something better.
When I opened the door she didn't budge.
Now she’s pawing at it,whining for action.
She’ll take him out with her.Then shake him off.
Morning mission accomplished, she’ll regroup,
return to base, tail  flag-swinging.

While he’ll stalk anything that stirs, her metal tag glittering
On his white bib.He’s lost six of his own in action,
War casualties that never came home.Unlike him, 
Wounded hero, still in training mode.
No overseas missions now, just home-front drills,
Patrolling the garden perimeter.

Inside he engages with furniture, 
Punctures holes in leather upholstery,
Targets moving pens, disables newspapers,
Blocks lines of communication.
He may be a veteran

But he still enjoys military manoeuvres.

Copyright with Cathy Leonard 2018