Friday 5 August 2016

Virtual virus

Have witnessed the development of an alarming phenomenon since my last post. 
Am sure you have experienced it too....
Perhaps you are even one of..... them!!

Virtual Crusaders

Geotagged, the park has become
a portal. It has morphed over-
night into jousting arena
replete with mobile-device- mounted
knights and virtual monsters.

Public space, private space, any space
co-opted, besieged, overlaid,
laid claim to by free gaming app crusaders.
Could myspace or urs be the next

Copyright with Cathy Leonard 2016


  1. They're driving me mad! PokéStop, Gym, I don't know the difference, but there is one at the top of our estate, and it's become a gathering point, particularly at night!

  2. PS: I've found a way to request the removal of a PokéStop/Gym. I've placed my request and got an auto-reply. I am awaiting further news. How long will it take?