Monday 3 October 2016

Belated Greetings

Birthdays have begun to straddle days rather than hours. 
This year I received a rendering of Happy Birthday the day before the actual event. 
And another one the day after. 
Cards have been delivered at various intervals.
The only well wisher certain to be punctual with their greeting is probably the phone company..... 
to which I take great personal affront!!
But...... Isn't it grand to allow the festive mood to peak earlier and linger longer


I had folded away my birthday
Face down in a small pile
When the rush
of black- tailed dog
eschewing hall carpet
howling at retreating footsteps
snouting parcel packaging
Declared –Post.
Addressed to me
My maiden name (in parenthesis)
Postmarked UK.

It was a copy of Jane Austen’s
Complete and unabridged
Ribbon- book- marked
Pages -gilt-edged 
Edition- illustrated
Straight from her cottage
parsonage in Chowton.

And inside it
Gold stars
from a wedding you gate-
crashed in Helsinki
and a promise
To email

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