Sunday 20 August 2017

Tour of Beara

Photograph courtesy of Marie Helen Brohan Delhaye

Tour of Beara
for Marie-Hélène and Claire

It was a whistle-stop tour of Artscape
Talk of brushes, mediums and textures
Odourless turpentine, shades and perspectives
And then the literal tour
And snaps of every mountain, gap and valley
Glade, slope, dip and bend in the road
Galleries themselves and gallery friends
And artists and artists’ friends
And waking to easel- chat and Plein- Air- settings
Impromptu sketches and portrait sittings
Sketch pads and notebooks and rainbow splatterings
And from this flurry, this gorgeous art-smoothie
I glean this one poem:

Not about landscape or artscape or cloud- hugged mountains

But about you: Soulscape, soulmates,friends.

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