Monday 12 February 2018

Erratic Boulder

The winter sun does not reflect itself
in my furniture, dull with the passage of time.
Nor on the tiled floor, glazed
with thirty years of foot tread.
Nor even in the glass of a picture frame
that should reveal grey tectonic plates of sky
drifting westward.

Instead of which a grime coagulation
gathers at its corners, like flames,
Threatening to consume us-
A young couple in our prime.

We are at an erratic boulder
discarded eons ago by a river of ice
I can't remember its name-
Somewhere in County Down

I am sitting on this relic cross-legged
You are standing beside me
My arm is on your shoulder
Your two hands clasp my left knee
My head is in the clouds
Your head is tilted
We are both smiling

Behind us a path leads to this erratic
obstacle that we have become
The future is blank, a camera lens reflecting
where we are now

And people have been here before us
The rock is graffitied, the path is worn.

You will keep me on this pedestal for some time
I will fall off
And then the marriage will begin

And our journey will be much like that
of many other couples living in our times
We might learn something from that

Copyright with Cathy Leonard 2018

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