Wednesday 13 March 2019

Setting the Scene

Setting the Scene.
An exercise this week in my online flash fiction course was to describe a boy playing football on the street. And introduce drama. Well,  I have no football know- how, so had to research this and beg the men in my life to edit it.... So here goes.

Injury Time

Ninety minutes gone and into injury time. Let’s finish it!

Jamie Healy takes the ball on the right wing. He’s fouled. Why doesn’t the referee blow his whistle? Ball lands near no-go area. Jamie has already lost three balls to road traffic accidents. Two were flattened outright and one was chipped from car to car until it was finally struck by an oncoming SUV. Not even defibrillation could revive the squashed pigskin. 

Healy sprints down the pitch that is wedged between Toners’ front yard and his own, the neighbour’s row of trivet demarcating the touchline. The fans are speechless.
Lionel Messi tackles Healy and regains the advantage. Messi dribbles, but Healy tackles, and with a scissors kick, flicks the ball back to his co-midfielder. The Oaklanders are on their way to the Champions League final! Barcelona fans are resigned.

Two minutes to go.

Fourteen metres from the goal Jamie Healy strikes. Great chance for the home team! But the ball ricochets off the post. Healy dives to intercept its trajectory towards the open road where tea time traffic is building.

One minute to go.

Busquets gets possession of the ball midfield. He shouldn’t even be there. He feigns, dribbles, does a one two with Rakitić and finds Messi with a sublime ball. The Barce fans are on their feet.

Come on ref! Blow the whistle! Time’s up!

Healy intercepts the low cross from Messi, feints a kick pass, blindsides Vidal and with an instep drive shoots the ball past Terstegen. What a goal! It ricochets off the post for a second offensive. What a chance! But Healy back heels it over the crossbar and the young Oakland striker watches the ball sailing out of play across the goal line towards oncoming traffic and lunges. The final whistle blows.

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  1. Too much football jargon for me to understand!!!!