Sunday 9 October 2022

Making Waves and Cocktails

 Out shopping I came across a giant, well 200gm , ball of HayField Rich Colour chunky in a bargain basket. Couldn't resist that.

But the pattern I wanted to try..the Wave Scarf...involves making holes, as well as waves.
Here it is in process. I don't know how long this scarf will take to make.
The pattern says, knit 3 balls-That's 150gm long! Seems like a lot to me.
And I  have a learnt distaste for dropping stitches and making holes deliberately.....
Need to get less uptight maybe...
For pattern details see pic below.

Meanwhile here's a poem about another type of frustration
It helps to know your cocktail terms for this one....

Happy Hour

You preferred a Rusty Nail to a Screwdriver in a Saint Louis Highball Glass
But your special favourite was a Corkscrew in a Double Old- Fashioned.

Shake well and strain into pre-chilled Double, then add a slice of lime.
When you left I didn’t need ice to chill it.

And every Friday night I mix, shake and stir
A jigger of frogs’ legs, thorns of birr

A pony of beetle-juice, dragon-scale light,
A twist of spittle and a dash of spite

Top with a Catherine wheel,
Add a wedge of venom peel

And there you have it
A Screw-U  

Inspired by a painting by Ian Humphreys for the Poets Meet Painters Competition.
There is currently an exhibition of Ian's work in the Buttermarket Kenmare

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