Monday 16 January 2023



On the back of a used envelope I write, not a list of to-dos exactly,

but more like a set of military manoeuvres.

On the North facing flap- a retrieval exercise

Both belated birthday greetings

Email M

Text T

While to the South I plan to open up new neural pathways 

by taking up German- again

And it being the month of Janus,the two headed Roman god,

Facing West where the sun sets I intend to review and reform

starting with an elimination of the superfluous

And Eastward where the sun rises

I will repair the rest which is, hopefully, most of me

But somewhere in the middle, about the Equator, I write Research Butterflies

for someone yesterday said that a poem was like a net to trap and contain,

 by which I think they meant feelings. Words as stakes, or darts or pins?

and I thought of butterflies as you might and of poem as butterfly rather than net

not to be pinned or mounted or frozen

But to let settle, let startle, let shift and finally  let fly 

Copyright 2023 Cathy Leonard All rights reserved

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