Friday 12 May 2023

Global Bird Watch Day May 13th

Tomorrow is Global Bird Watch Day so get out the binoculars.... 

See link below for details.

And on the subject of birds...I came across a lovely book- Ireland's Garden Birds. A Guide To Attracting And Identifying  Garden Oran O'Sullivan and Jim Wilson

It's a very comprehensive little book, small enough to pop in your bag if you head off bird watching. It covers a range of interesting topics; gardening for birds and wildlife, garden habitats, feeding and caring for birds,watching and recording your observations. I went straight to the business of trying to identify the birds feeding in the garden using the quick reference guide which is very thorough and beautifully illustrated. A wealth of information in two pages per bird...

We all love the bird song in the morning but I was amazed at identifying so far, in the space of a week, 23 different species....the dunnock, the mistle thrush,the collared dove...all news to me.Where have I been...And the guide book gives you intriguing backstory to the birds...The wren's name in latin means cave dweller and the mistle thrush takes its name from its defence of large areas of mistletoe..Gems

After browsing in the book I had to download a bird sound identifier app Merlin ID and as my poem yesterday indicates I've been lurking around bushes ever since...The family are beginning to show concern ....Sherlock has been warned...paws off all fledglings, will have to keep a watchful eye on him.

The book is available from good book shops, Easons, Dubray or straight from the author at

Bird food, feeders and nest boxes also available from Irish Garden Birds.

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  1. Wonderful to hear that there is so much variety of birds in the area!