Saturday 29 July 2023

Art inspired Poetry

 Looking for inspiration it's always an idea to visit a gallery.

Inspired by Ursula McGivern's Koi Jar



They call me the swimming jewel

and they say my name means love

and though I have evolved from common carp

there is nothing ordinary about me

for my skin is amber,azure,crimson,cyan,

syllables to savour on the tongue

and my gold and platinum scales shimmer even in deepest waters

where I trawl the pond‘s depth for sustenance.

On the surface I shimmy between water lilies

my barbed lip a warning to guppies and minnows, 

danios and mollies that darken my den. 

For I am an opportunist and will take advantage.

Overhead the heron and kingfisher circle my shadow

covet my balletic configurations, my patternings, my scalations.

while landward raccoon and weasel vie over me.

They say I am oily or muddy to the palate. 

They say I bring luck, prosperity and good fortune.

They say I am perseverance in the face of adversity.

They say I can morph into dragon.

But whatever they say  know 

that I can outlive you by a hundred years or so

Copyright Cathy Leonard 2023 

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