Friday 18 August 2023

A daughter's request


You sent me to the Contour sale 

for the purpose of buying you new knickers.

Now it is no mean feat to purchase the above item

for somebody else, especially a size medium.

For it all depends on brand and nationality,

 French mediums being smaller than UK ones,

and so I had to hold each pair in mid- air

and imagine your girth fitting into them.

At times I turned to the woman

who was assiduously upending the pile

possibly restocking the fast dwindling bargain basket

for they were reduced to a fiver a pair.

And to be fair she bore my inquiries

with great composure. I didn't quite say,

"Do you think my daughter will fit into these?"

But my questioning veered in that  direction.

It was only when I asked about refunds

that she came clean and announced

that she didn't actually work there

that she too was bargain hunting

but in her case, thankfully, for herself...

Copyright  2023 Cathy Leonard All rights reserved

(Photo is of Skellig Michael and Little Skellig taken from Lamb's Head, Caherdaniel, Kerry)

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  1. Love it!! Tell your daughter she can do her shopping online!!