Monday 11 April 2016

Pink Gingham

Pink Gingham

She was a daughter of Eve
Sacred vessel
Arbiter of men’s fate.
She was to keep her hemline low and her lips pursed tight.

Girls were expelled for attending dance halls-
The Spanish inquisition could have learnt a thing or two
From the Mercy nuns-

And then the Sex Education-
How far should you let him go? Was a kiss sex? Or a hug?
A button undone? A bodice too low?-

On Radio Caroline the Bee Gees, The Stones and The Beatles
Women were burning bras all over America -
And she as forbidden to dance.

The arrival of the summer uniform
Pink gingham that lasted one term
Then back to the pinafore box pleats -
Pink gingham deemed an enticement to sin

And there were Homes for girls like that….

Copyright with Cathy leonard 2016

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