Thursday 29 September 2016

Colour Healing

Today I am wearing the Get up and Go bottle
Red over Blue
Bottle 29 in the Aura Soma range.
Not literally of course-- but these are the colours I chose to don, red top over navy blue trousers, and
Reading about the Aura Soma system it appears that I am "opening up to inner peace" today.
In my case this is very pertinent.

I did a course in Aura Soma a few years ago and, at the time, wrote a few poems while meditating on the colours and chakras... so here is one of them.
For further info on the system follow links.

You can do a mini free aura soma reading for yourself here

Royal Blue

Blind seeing
through third eye
Shamen's vision
like the stretched skin
of his drum
our remembering

Kundalini rising
like the serpent
through crown

It is here
that you become

Open the eye and see
beyond the stars
and into the night sky.

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