Friday 9 September 2016


At the time I gave in to that very special offer, 3 for the price of 2! We’ve all done it…
 3 copies of  Eat, Pray, Love. by Elizabeth Gilbert
 It was a BEST SELLER after all.
And I could think of a few recipient friends who might be rushing out to buy it….
Not all of them divorcees.
I couldn’t get through it myself.
Bad timing? Wrong book?

So when I saw a DVD version of it recently in my local library I thought - maybe the pop up version would do the trick- enlightenment??
Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem.
Could it go wrong?

Well yes, and no.

Apart from the irritating interruptions from my partner, “Is that not over yet?”
And it did go on….
Something about it didn’t quite stick with me.
 Julia running from one doomed relationship to another (been there -done that)
 Julia eating tons of spaghetti and not putting on weight- (haven’t been there)
 Julia trying unsuccessfully to meditate in an ashram  in India at 4.30 am.
(Tried that unsuccessfully on a kitchen chair, a bit later in the day, many times)
 Julia smiling from her liver! (Well how do you do that anyway?)
 Javier cast as struggling divorcee—gorgeous/gorgeous man - But...
 Hit Man in a Coen Brothers' movie sits better on him.

All in all- a bit of a flop??

But next day I am up and thinking
about meditating again!
And savouring
boiled eggs and toast
and wondering
how I might make my liver smile?
Less red wine?????

 So I guess Eat , Pray Love  just might have enlightened me …

a bit.

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  1. Same thoughts about the movie! Never tried the book - maybe if you still have a copy I'll give it a go!
    And yes, Xavier Bardem - one look at him, and I think, cold killer!