Monday 27 August 2018

First Love

Inspired by Nessa O'Mahony's "First Love" and Keats' "La Belle Dame sans Merci."

My first love? Since you ask-
was Maverick, gambler and gunslinger.
His poker hand could set Mississippi ablaze
and his wrist speed to holster was slick.
I sent him a pic of myself, aged nine
sitting on a rock at Portrush.
He didn’t write back.

My next love was hell bent
on Holy Orders.
I attended his ordination.
Enough said.

Then there was the bow-legged
Gilbert O’Sullivan look-a-like minus piano
Whose every stride I shadowed around the town.
My mother said I’d wear myself thin with unrequited lust.
I did. 

Until a hairy-faced biker
whisked me off on his Honda 50
and meteors struck and I saw shooting stars.
I came to on a cold hillside
alone and palely loitering.

I was a slow learner...

Copyright with Cathy leonard 2018

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