Friday 31 August 2018


Who wants to be connected anyway?

When you get a Whatsapp
from your daughter
It’s always about
what you can do for her.
You think this is a universal
problem. At least you hope it is.
Today the request is for
anti-histamines and tampons,
To bring along when you meet her for lunch.

The mind grapples.
First of all- is there a connection
between menstrual periods
and the release of histamine?
Or could the Gods have conspired
to deliver two blows in one swoop?
And anyway, didn’t she pass a pharmacy
on her way to work?
And didn’t she know
that blood spill was imminent,
given that it flows in cycles,
more or less moon driven?

Whatever about anti-histamines,
You are well into your hag phase,
Though you think a packet of
her tampons may have slipped
behind the bathroom cabinet.
Removing shelves, you line up
an array of not-your-products.
(She doesn’t live there anymore, by the way)
2-in-1 nail varnish remover?
Hair touch up?
Derma spa summer revived?

You dip a ladle behind the cupboard
in the hope of scooping up tampons,
but drop the spoon instead!
So now you have to find
a hardware store and a pharmacy
on your way to meeting her for lunch.
Or you could simply slip your phone
behind the bathroom cabinet.

Copyright with Cathy Leonard 2018

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