Wednesday 15 May 2019

Dialogue in Flash fiction

The Fallout

Clara picks up the long stemmed wine glass and frowns, “Did you wash this?”
“What does it look like,” he says waving the chopping knife in her direction.
“You need to use the glass linen tea towel to polish them properly.”
“Jesus! It’s not a Michelin Star restaurant. Your standards lately are a bit….”
“Can you point that elsewhere?” she says, deflecting the knife towards the chopping board.
“High- All those late night business dinners in the city.” He packs a salad lunch into a plastic container.
“It’s work for Christ’s sake. Somebody has to pay the mortgage.” Clara smacks her lips as she reapplies her lipstick.
“I’m a writer and - ”
“Listen, I have work.” She studies her reflection in the hall mirror as she makes for the door.
“Trying to impress somebody? - Don’t forget your rabbit food, Ma’am.”
“Put the glasses in the damn dishwasher or lay off the wine. It’s midweek for Christ’s sake.” She shoves the box into her bag and turns on her heel again.
“They’re Galway Crystal.”
“Which reminds me, I have an away trip to Galway, end of the month. Pencil that in your diary.”
“Are you saying I’m an alcoholic?” Behind her back he picks up the wine bottle and necks back the last dregs.
“It’s to do with the Wugi takeover.” Her hand is on the latch.
“So the HR head and the IT geek have to trip off together once a month to seal the deal?” He’s waving the empty bottle in her direction.
“Bin the booze, Ivan and go out and get a real job.” Clara wheels around to face him.
“And you’re shagging a goddamn IT geek.”
“The IT geek is a woman. Put that in your novel!”
“I have.”

Copyright wit Cathy Leonard 2019

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  1. I'm still laughing!!! I can picture the scene so well!!