Saturday 11 May 2019

The Punter

Week 7- Dialogue
Create a dialogue from a crisis. Husband crashes car and has to tell his wife.

The Fallout

“People over seventy shouldn’t be allowed on the roads!”
“Missed the first race again?”
“Had a great tip for the two-thirty.”
“A few grand would come in handy for the patio. No luck at Punchestown?”
“No…. Do faulty break lights constitute contributory negligence?”
“Our breaklights are fine. I checked them the other day.”
“The OAP’s.”
“Did somebody have an accident?”
“I don’t think he indicated either- he’ll probably claim whiplash- fifteen grand a pop.”
“They’re reviewing those outrageous whiplash payouts.”
“Third party or comprehensive? Which do we have? Either will cover it, I suppose.”
“Cover what?”
“I tipped into the back of an OAP on the Naas dual carriageway. The eejit had a green light and didn’t move. Missed the two thirty at Punchestown.”
“Jesus, Mike!”
“But Ruby won the Gold Cup, his last race. Can you believe it? The man’s a legend! What a way to retire. You have to hand it to him.”
“How much damage? Was it an old banger? Did he complain about his neck?”
“A 191 Volvo- wish I was on the pension.”
“But you only tipped him, right?”
“It’s a brand new Volvo. A tip is priceless.”
“And his neck? Is that speculation or…”
“He took himself off to A & E, just to be sure. At his age he probably needs a neck brace anyway. I’m sorry, love. It wasn’t entirely my fault and…”
“We don’t have comprehensive.”
“Our damage is minor.”
“Or third party.”
“Is there another type of insurance?”
“No. It was due last week, and so was the deposit for the new patio, so I decided to take a punt.”

Copyright with Cathy Leonard 2019

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  1. Another super realistic dialogue!! It makes me think of conversations I have in my head!!