Sunday 8 May 2022

SUNDAY POET- Fleur Adcock

Miss Molly on a farm in Portmagee, Co kerry.

Fleur Adcock (b.1934) is a New Zealander who spent part of her childhood in England. She worked as a librarian before becoming a free lance writer. She has written ten books of poetry and won several awards including an OBE in 1996. 

Her poems have no air of stridency."I should like them(the reader) to relax and listen as if to an intimate conversation."

Listen to her poem On Leaving the Tate and let that final line resonate:

"Art is what you choose to frame."

She has an interesting tip for aspiring writers:"The bath is a very good place for getting inspiration."

I must try this.I would probably use less water in a bath than I do in a shower.

To listen to her reading her poems follow the link below.

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