Wednesday 4 May 2022

Talking to yourself


Talking to yourself aloud used to be a sign

that you were:

Not the full shilling

A sandwich short of a picnic

Sixpence short of a bob

Or had a few slates missing.


Now everybody’s doing it

and their Smart-Chat punctuates:

your early morning ramble

your Daily commute,

(an honour once the preserve

of Spanish students on TEFL courses)


It could be useful, mind you,

to whip out the phone, earbuds lacking

when your personal space is threatened

by  chatty neighbour

or  ranting spouse.


Better to be

Hit on the head by the sail of a windmill,

(the Dutch equivalent to not the full quid,)

than to endure sabotage.

Copyright 2022 Cathy Leonard All rights reserved


  1. I remember all the Spanish students on the bus. They were so loud. I recently had a young woman beside me on the Luas and she was having a video call with her family in Brazil. It was so loud I was tempted to lean over and say hi to them all. I didn't. I just privately cursed them all.