Friday 15 July 2022

Never lend a book with an inscription

 "Here's to Rilke, Kate, hot whiskey and O'Donovan's"

It may have been Siddhartha or The Road Less Travelled

something esoteric anyway

and Kate gave it to you on or after an esoteric night out

and you gave it to me years later

you probably forgot Kate's inscription

but I couldn't get past it

and revolved around the intense constellation

of you , Kate and Rilke

and even though it was before my time

that O'Donovan rendezvous

sharing her heart-speak like that

showed a certain carelessness

that I knew I could be doing without.

Copyright 2022 Cathy Leonard All rights reserved

1 comment:

  1. I had to look up Rilke! An interesting love triangle - how do we feel about the women of our men's past?