Thursday 14 July 2022

Status Alert


It was circa 1988

"Are you Miss, Mrs or Ms?"

demands man-uniform

in Manchester departure lounge.

I play baffled.

"On your boarding form, Madam."

It was 1988.

Would my marital status


Threaten airport security?

Create high risk environment?

Prevent airplane take-off?

Influence luggage capacity?

I ask him.

You have three choices.

He bowls them out.

Miss, Mrs or Ms?

"Did you ask male passengers

the same question?"

Batting a defensive shot

"Three choices...etc..etc..etc" 

He is a steady pitcher.

I bat it to the men-suits 

in the departure lounge

playing a flick shot

causing a ripper.

So he counters

with a right arm leg spin bowler

"Is she your wife?"

My companion

dropping the bat

gives robotic response-


It was almost a marriage breaker

This was 1988.

Copyright 2022 Cathy Leonard All rights reserved

Why are we still asked that question ???

Why were we ever asked that question???

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  1. I always liked the Ms version, it's a bit like saying "none of your business"! But yeah, why are we still asked that question!