Tuesday 2 August 2022

Eternal Love?


At the end of Howth pier just beyond the lighthouse

you reach a set of railings, pillar box red against the grey rocks below

and grey sea beyond, and their names Evan loves Lauren

etched on the granite rock, pox marked with bright yellow lichen

and I think of Evan climbing over that high rail placed strategically there

to prevent him from doing just that, from proclaiming his eternal love in this fashion,

and I wonder if Lauren was impressed with his feat?

Or did she see it as a red flag event?

And did she wait for him to climb back over the rail?

Or did she turn on her heel and walk away?

For I see on the other side of the lighthouse, shore side,

his name again engraved, this time minus love and minus Lauren

and I'm beginning to think of Evan the way I think about my dog

leaving his scent on every pole in town.

Copyright 2022 Cathy Leonard All  rights reserved

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