Thursday 25 August 2022

Negative Capability


Looking at my diary for today's date

I see I did nothing from yesterday's to-do list:

Cancel, or at least defer, imminent Physio appointment

( I was crippled for three days after the last session);

Contact library about that link they sent to my granny phone

incompatible with links of any sort

(It's probably about the Billy Collins' book I ordered

or else my returns are  late again);

and Order copies of same books from the bookshop or Amazon

(I can't keep renewing them....)

Not a long list really

So what did I do yesterday

 apart from avoid it?

I read about Keats and Negative Capability

which he ascribed to Shakespeare 

who was content with:

being in uncertainty, mystery and doubt

without the irritable reaching after fact and reason

And I think, somewhat optimistically, 

that Negative Capability may apply to me too 

except that there might be more a touch 

of Hamlet's indecision and procrastination 

in my daily deferrals.

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