Wednesday 14 September 2022

In Search of a Theme


In search of a theme 

I read a poem about theme searching

And draw a blank 

as that poet did

Who ranged through various

potential topics:

Spurred affection-

a favourite of mine on a good day

The ruthless and relentless

passage of time

Done by every poet 

from Keats to Collins

The beauty of the ephemeral

be it rose or butterfly

The rise and fall of the Greats

evoking yet again the eternal countdown

So like him I lay down my pen

and listen to the sound of the clock ticking

And get on my knees and pray

for just one more day...

Copyright 2022 Cathy Leonard All rights reserved

1 comment:

  1. For some reason, this makes me think of Neil Diamond's song "Gone too soon" - it's an old one!