Monday 19 September 2022





In the morning I ate peanut-buttered toast

and worked on a poem

called Bad Night’s Sleep


In the afternoon I washed the bird droppings

from the car and vowed never

to park it under that tree again


In the evening I watched Peatai

the Irish language programme

about pets and vets


And marvelled that I still remembered

the cúpla focail as Gaeilge

and vowed to take it up again


But at the moment I’m struggling with Deutsch

 that inflected language and its shifting goalposts

when it comes to articles and adjectives


Determined by Gender and Number and Case

unlike the Romance languages like French & Co

which call a halt after the first two categories


That nominative, vocative, accusative et al saga

that may ring a school bell

if you happened to study Latin


And I’m just hoping that Gaeilge

if I ever do take it up again

has Romantic Case roots…

Copyrigth 2022 Cathy Leonard All rights reserved

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