Monday 20 February 2023


 In deep waters here. This poem may sound a little harsh but it is one that you will all identify with and one in which you have probably been at both ends of the exchange.

The jury is out on whether it is a poem or a rant....

Forgive me...

(Not dedicated to anyone in particular but if the cap fits...)


Forgive me 

If I say nothing when you call me

With your twitter tweets 

Not confined

To 280 characters or less


That I hold the phone at arm’s length to your:

I told you so

I was right about that

Correct me if I’m mistaken

It just goes to show


For my silence :

On the dog park, the state of the nation,  

The Derry Girls, the weather, Elon Musk

Taking over Twitter, the importance of free speech

And how it should be monitored


And my deafness to:

Somebody needs to

The government is to blame

I can’t understand it

Nobody ever thinks to…


Forgive me 

If I say nothing.

It’s just that

You never listen to me 


Copyright 2023 Cathy Leonard All rights reserved

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