Monday 9 May 2022

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair....


I have at last finished the shawl from the ball.( see post.April 11th.)

 As it grew and grew I began to call it Rapunzel, and though it lengthened and lengthened it took a long time to reach the bottom of that tower.

However as my knitting tension is loose I probably made the shawl even longer than required to enable the prince to come to the rescue...or at least to come for a visit, for I revisited the fairy tale and found that he rather complicated the poor girl's life than anything else, causing her to be cast out into the wilderness and the cold minus her hair.

As in all fairy tales the ending is happy enough, if somewhat unlikely, but from my revisiting of the tale I'd say she saved him rather than the other way around.

Read it for yourself below.

And more pics of Rapunzel below. It's a shapeless object, amorphous might be the word for it, for its tentacles seems to err and stray and generally meander without obvious purpose, perhaps due to my mistakes in the pattern? but once wound around the neck I don't think anyone will notice.

 A bit of a shapeshifter too, sometimes a bird, sometimes a witch on broomstick. 

Optical illusions being all the rage....What do you see? Apart from, hopefully, a shawl!!

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  1. If I squint, I see bats hanging from the ceiling. Probably not what you were hoping for!!! But it looks beautiful!