Sunday 31 January 2016

Bring It On

Poetry inspired by the visual arts

Every year the Hungry Hill Writer’s group based on the Beara Peninsula run a poetry competition inviting participants to write a poem inspired by the current art exhibition at Mill Cove Gallery.
The winning entries are compiled in a beautiful anthology along side their muse; photo of the original art piece.
This is one of my favourite competitions. An event at the gallery on the August bank holiday includes readings from the anthology, short-listed poems and an open microphone session.
Much as I would like to dash down to Castletownbere and sit in the beautiful Mill Cove Gallery overlooking the sea and get inspired by a close encounter with the original work I usually engage with my muse on-line.
Inspired by a Fidelma Massey sculpture The Marriage between the Sun and Moon here is a poem I wrote that was short-listed in the 2012 anthology Poets meet Painters. 

Bring it on

They say it won’t last.
Him with his webbed feet and shaggy mane.
The heat alone of him will melt me, they say,
erase my quarter, half and full phases,
my gibbous,crescent,waxing and waning moods.

Hang the consequences, I say, holding the apple between us,
 me, like Eve, tempting him-
A kiss about to weld us into a near perfect O.
Expulsion from Eden, tree of knowledge, forbidden fruit,
Bring it on, I say, bring it on.

To view the original sculpture go to.
For details of the competition see
To view Paintings and Sculptures see

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