Friday 22 January 2016


Why a blog? Why me?

I could just keep a notebook, a diary, a scrap book album….
But I’ve decided to “get with it” and blog
I’m a bit long in the tooth to be getting with it.
I was going to call this blog- It’s never too late-
But instead I’m calling it Bake-A-Yarn
Because I like to bake
And my recently revived knitting skills, somewhat rusty, have become a compulsion.
And then there is the old stalwart, the figurative yarns, the stories, poems, tall tales I want to share.
So this blog will be a bit of a mish-mash mosaic of whatever creative endeavour I can manage to come up with.
Hope you enjoy

And more importantly.. I hope I enjoy.

And a big thanks to Marie-Helene for setting me up with a blog...

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