Friday 2 March 2018

Morality Fable.

I recently had one off the dreaded "worst nightmares "of any parent visited upon me.  
The poem is for my son- by way of a Morality Fable.......

Last Word on the Subject
for E

When you imbibe of too much spirit
Wine, whiskey or Captain Morgan
Your judgement is impaired

When you decide which route to take home
by bus, taxi or Shank's mare
Your judgement is impaired

When you engage with those who loiter
With intent at street corners
Your judgement is impaired

You will say the wrong thing
Or do the wrong thing because
Your judgement is impaired

And they have been waiting
For anyone to do or say anything
With judgement impaired

You will hit the deck, your face smashed
Your nose broken, your brain jolted
Because your judgement is impaired

And you will be lucky if you can stand up again
You will be lucky if your CT scan is clear
You will be lucky if your judgement is not impaired