Friday 30 March 2018

Writer's Block

For days now I've been scouring library bookshelves for a book on poetry prompts, given that my well is dry. Temporarily I hope.
I happily chanced upon the link below and tried an exercise for writer's block. Try it and see where it takes you.
If nothing else I see it as a poetry gym session.

Yellow sunshine streams across the sand
And they called it yellow mellow
On a rose wood table shadows gather in the corners of a tin box
Tears bubble like water droplets from a steaming kettle
It isn't a leaning filing cabinet you see
So what is it?
God is great
Hope shapes everything we see and do
And where it is absent, there is grief.


  1. Interesting process! I hope your hard work will bring the muse back!

  2. The muse is very fickle is all I can say!!!!