Saturday 31 March 2018

Still on the subject of Writer's Block

Exercise 2 from yesterday's lucky find is to take 5 objects
and see what happens when you put them together.
I looked about me and picked out:

a black woollen shawl
a purple beanie bear
a straw summer hat
a hot water bottle
and a striped hat box

The result is...A bit bleak ...but I am a great believer in the power of  poetic catharsis

These days you wrap yourself up
in a black woollen shawl
hot water bottle at your back
and lie prostrate on a faded couch dreaming
of better days

Of purple beanie bears and red bicycles and pink roller skates
Of Connemara ponies' manes she used to plait for shows
Of yellow straw hats and Summer Fests she attended
And striped hat boxes for weddings and Ladies Days
Of events that now elude her

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