Monday 3 September 2018


Inspired by John Corless' "Are You Ready"

When the row with the partner
has gone on for over a week
Are you ready?
To admit that it was you
who left his nearly- new
trousers in the dry cleaners
six months ago
and forgot to collect them.
That you stowed his passport
in a burglar proof stash
and can't remember where.
That you did open his mail
thinking that it might
involve you,somehow.
That you read his emails
all of them
when he so casually
left the page open.
And that's how you know
about you -know -what.
That you did wash
his favourite white tee-shirt
alongside a pair of red knickers
from Bargain Basement.
That you sold the unstrummed
unsung guitar on Done Deal,
and bought a foot spa
with the proceeds.
That you did vote for the turkey
in the 1997 Presidential election.
That you'd do it again
if he decided to run
next term.

Are you ready?

Copyright with Cathy Leonard 2018


  1. Well, none of us are perfect!! And maybe some things are better left unsaid!!