Friday 14 September 2018


I'm not usually this serious...especially on a Friday...but here goes...

"The choice for mankind lies between freedom and happiness and for the great bulk of mankind,happiness is better." George Orwell

Return to Sender

Boomerangs, Brent Geese, Letters
Library books- used to be stamped-now bar coded,
Salmon, Password protected stuff-in theory,
Passports-to Department of Foreign Affairs- in theory,
Seasons, Bottles-used to be bottle caps,
Stale bread, Past sell- by- date produce,
In general, in theory.

Finds are no longer finds
These items belong to somebody
And can, with effort, be returned.
Cats once wandered, still do
But can’t stray, not really.

Mine has strayed three times
And been returned
Like the recalcitrant prisoner
Who dug the tunnel, only to find
The Microchip on the other side.

Not that he ain’t happy here!
But he just likes to chase a leaf or butterfly
Now and again
Or a bee on his buzz-crawl
Of the local brew

And finds himself beyond
What he knows.
It’s safer to be tagged, I hear you say,
And that’s true.
But what about you?

Never mind the CCTV,
DNA and the Social Identity Card,
Your smart phone, your car reg plate
Your flat screen, your lap top
All monitor your every move-thought.

1984 is here
Big Brother is watching
And  Where's Winston? Never mind Wally!
Doublethink? Double speak? Newspeak?

Sound familiar?

Copyright with Cathy Leonard 2018


  1. Scary world we live in. Even writing anything on social media can have unforeseen repercussions! Oh, I would love to be a cat. Much simpler!