Friday 7 September 2018

Irish Time

Irish Time
(To nobody of my acquaintance!)

When she says she’ll be here at 10
and it’s already 9.30
You know it’s just an aspiration.
She’ll have to run to the shops,
locate the cat,
let it in,
let it out,
walk the dog,
water the dahlias,
and finally, in the car,
she’ll remember- the immersion!
run back, turn it off,
and let the cat in again.

And you’ll have time to
bake a cake,
hoover the house,
plant seeds,
clean the bathroom,
write a poem,
wash the crockery,
do a handstand,
polish the cutlery,
and maybe even,
airbrush yourself.

And all you can think is-
Thank God she’s Irish!

Copyright with Cathy Leonard 2018