Thursday 23 June 2022

Killer Instinct

This morning before breakfast it was all action here...Our one-eyed Kitty arriving in with some poor unfortunate in his gob. I think he was considering swallowing it rather than delivering it up, but was cajoled into releasing what turned out to be a tiny bird by the tap of a spoon on a tuna tin. 

This is probably bad parenting on my part and indicative of how I reared my two children, rewarding wayward behaviour, enabling is a popular term for it, but honestly I could think of no other way of getting that bird out from between his jaws...

Anyway here's a little rhyming poem about cats and all that jazz....

Despite his one impediment

he always hits his mark,

his focus ever hell bent

on hunting in the dark.

This time it was a baby bird

what breed I could not tell,

but to its doom the bird was lured

and it did not do well.

I'm only thankful for one thing

in this tragic little tale

that birdy could no longer sing

or to its brethren hail.

For I can think of nothing worse

than trying to revive

a creature that has felt cat's curse

and still be half alive.

The moral of this story is

if cats you must abide

then cast a blind eye to their strikes

and keep them on your side.


  1. I'm sure he was very proud to bring that bird to you! Beautiful poem!