Friday 3 June 2022

POETRY SUBMISSIONS and Beara again....


Friday is my day to trawl through likely poetry outlets so here is one below that I came across. Looks promising.

Tried to write a poem about the transformation of our woods after the rain but it's snagging... so maybe another day.....

Meanwhile sharing a few pics of Beara where I spent a few days as evidenced by my earlier poems this week. I'm more of a stroller than a hill walker so even though I bought the book I was a bit daunted by the Beara Way and those stiles that seem to point to sheer precipitous slopes and so I opted for the odd meander up a cow track  instead. 

Beara is less popular than the Ring Of Kerry which is just as well as the roads are serpentine: hairpin bends, tight corners, single carriageway in places, the most interesting places of course. 

The highlight of my rural sojourn was an evening with the Crafty women of Beara who meet up once a month for a knitting get together in the local community centre and I came away with a bag of alpaca wool. Mia keeps a herd, organises treks with the alpacas and also gives classes in machine knitting so more to follow up on there....


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  1. I look forward to hearing more about the alpaca wool!