Wednesday 15 June 2022



I'm sure I am not the only one to have t-towels hanging around for purposes other than use...

Well hopefully not...

Hands Off

You daren't use the t-towels in our house

at least not the ones within elbow reach of the dishes.

They're here to inspire:

A bistro table in Paris circa 1976,

The pages of Good Housekeeping 

and culinary aspirations,

Crystal wine glasses to be polished,

Dutch tiles to be displayed,

and Molly Somerville's botanical art...

Broken pottery shards, each one a story:

domestic carelessness or abuse,

the stern or aft of a boat foundering,

figures stranded,

insects dissected,

bird wings shorn,

memories truncated...

In her mind's eye 

she makes things whole again.

So hands off t-towels in our house.

You can use these ones!!

Copyright Cathy Leonard 2022

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