Tuesday 13 June 2023

Pink Gingham

 I have managed to break a wrist and two bones in the foot. All right side, my dominant one. Tripped over the dog...poor Molly. So not feeling creative am editing and re-blogging some of my poems from way back. This one relates to growing up in sixties Ireland. 

Garden looks good this time of year so some pics.

Pink Gingham


We were daughters of Eve

sacred vessels

arbiters of men’s fate-

we were to keep our hemlines low and our lips pursed tight.


Girls were expelled for attending dance halls-

the Spanish inquisition could have learnt a thing or two

from the Mercy nuns-


and then the Sex Education-

How far should you let him go? Was a kiss sex? Or a hug?

A button undone? A bodice too low?-


On Radio Caroline the Bee Gees, The Stones and The Beatles-

Women were burning bras all over America -

and we were forbidden to dance.


The arrival of the summer uniform

pink gingham that lasted one term

then back to the pinafore box pleats -

pink gingham was deemed an enticement to sin


and there were Homes for girls like that….

Copyright Cathy Leonard 2023

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  1. Get well soon. And what a stunning photo of the poppies!