Thursday 1 June 2023



We tell ourselves it's the multitasking

the reason why we forget the task in hand

distracted and waylaid as we are

by a butterfly in full tilt, the scent of a memory,

the blue cap of a blue tit, anything

that edges between the thought and ensuing action

And when we have to scroll mentally through the alphabet,

 sometimes even twice, to recall a name

we tell ourselves that it's just 

that the range of our acquaintances 

has expanded exponentially

in recent decades

And this morning when I recalled and recounted

every detail of your dog's behaviour, 

idiosyncrasies and demise

and couldn't remember your name

while you stood there waiting 

for the introduction to my companion

I just hope you put it down to bad manners...

Copyright 2023 Cathy Leonard All rights reserved

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