Monday 19 June 2023

Left Foot Forward


Although I am totally consumed by the inconvenience of broken bones

 it is Summer here, and I can look out and see the drone bee, usually female,

fill her saddlebags with pollen and her honey stomach with nectar 

from the Purple Toadflax that has colonised the garden,

and admire her ten hour day shift, her fortnight or two life span

spent replenishing the hive, and notice the Oriental Poppy, 

its crepe paper blooms that swirl and fall, layer upon glorious layer, 

its scarlet skirts splayed and scattered to the breeze,

and see the yellow tongue of  the white throated Lily

trumpet forth, recede and give way to the next performer,

the Oxeye Daisy stirring in the wings,limbering up for its big debut-

And maybe in this way I can learn a thing or two...

Copyright 2023 Cathy Leonard

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