Sunday 29 October 2023


Despite our cultural obsession with it

I'm not sure if we're really hard wired to live in the moment


I stand in the shower smelling, with mindfulness, 

the olive oil soap from Turkey, a present from

the trip I didn't do, my wrist being in a cast at the time

 wrapped in a plastic bag in this very shower-

And I mindfully recall later performing, in the very same spot, 

active and passive flexion, adduction, 

abduction and finger tendon glides 

in an attempt to straighten fingers bent claw- wise by the fall-

And still in the present moment my eye shifts 

to the Curl Manifesto on the shower  tray

 a gentle hydrating,moisture replenishing system

 which doesn't work any better than the high street brands-

And the  bottle of Sparkling Shower Spray Wipe

placed strategically in the shower tray

to encourage the cleaning of shower after use, 

which doesn't seem to work either-

Much like the task of me 

staying present

in the moment 

while having a shower-

And from my reading of modal mental imagery,

a concept I delved into last week 

to account for my dog's panicked flight 

every time she sees  a kid on a bike-

Well, I'm not really surprised...

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  1. Interesting! Our brains rarely stay in the present moment. I think the longest I can do a mindfulness meditation is 8 minutes. Beyond that, my brain starts to protest!