Saturday 14 October 2023

The Missing TV Remote Control


We now know who was responsible 

for misplacing the TV remote control, 

the one we upturned carpets and couches for,

the one that prompted a complete makeover of the sitting room,

and then required a Spring clean of the whole house in September.

Various suspects were detained and questioned

but finally released without charge, evidence not being full proof,

flimsy in fact, like... he was the last one to use it... as far as we know,

or she has form in pocketing the remote control

on her way to the kettle, the door, on one occasion the theatre.

So after all the accusations and speculations a new one was ordered.

It arrived free gratis within twenty four hours from Sky, 

we should have done that sooner.

It was a couple of weeks before the original turned up-

in the garden, if you don't mind, more specifically

in the flowerbed beneath the sitting room window-

And then we knew who the culprit was-

a deft flick of paw through window 

left ajar would have done it 

not that he gives a damn...

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