Wednesday 25 October 2023



At 8 a.m. in the park I’m wishful thinking

that I were an artist who could paint that sky

with a palette of exotic sounding colours

prussian blue, ochre, cerulean blue hue...

and I’m wondering what that scent is

that clings in the air after the rain...

and I’m wishing that I had downloaded

that plant identification app...

and I’m trying to remember what it’s called

that ephemeral low lying mist

that seems to disappear like a mirage

as you approach it

something to do with radiation or advection

Google would know...

and I’m marvelling at how little I know

And so, I almost miss it-

the kid on the bike-

that jolts a memory in my black red setter’s head

triggers her multi modal mental imagery

namely negative associations with a phobic event

that sets her in tailspin flight

and I’m just in time to coax her out of panic mode

with a command of, “This way!”

that offers just enough counter conditioning...

which is lucky for me

 as I’ve forgotten to bring the treats

Copyright 2023 Cathy Leonard All rights reserved

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