Thursday 5 October 2023



Where would I rather be but here

in this room with its coconut twist painted walls

after an early morning ramble through woods 

still resonant with nocturnal shufflings,

the dog now dreaming at my feet. 

And nowhere else to be, no new alerts or notifications on my phone.

The street outside still empty of its diurnal rumblings

and on the wall two Ugo Baracco prints of Venetian canals

drawing me into portentous waters

and on the gable wall of the filing cabinet

posters of the bouquinistes on the banks of the Seine

laying out their wares

a panoply of stories and a silence in my head 

charged with the sound of stars ringing 

That transition time when tales run amok  

trailing me, pen in hand in their wake,

cupping with the other hand Barry's tea 

in a Back to Front cow mug....

Copyright 2023 Cathy Leonard All rights reserved

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