Tuesday 15 March 2016

Knitting Update

knitting up-date.

I haven't given up on it.
But when I sit down to knit I am so resolute to finish the project (for project read-scarf-usually)
that I forget to get up
the fire goes out,
the phone goes to answering voice (or whatever it's called)
the dog scratches the door, gives up, returns to couch,
I watch drivel on the TV- one-eyed, and for far too long
I issue requests for tea to anyone who happens to pass by
And my back nudges, creaks and complains.
I finally get up stiff and lop-sided. Some days I stay that way.

It's an obsession for those naturally inclined to obsess- but hey it could be worse.
And anyway here's a slouchy ribbed hat from left over wool from another Aran cable scarf.
Pattern details...see Pic below and post Bending Rules
The hat looks a bit odd to me (dare I say- tea-cosy?)
but maybe when it makes contact with a head it will shape-shift.

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