Sunday 6 March 2016

Too Much String

And on Mother's day a poem for mine
First published in Speaking for Sceine Vol 11
for the Kenmare Poetry Festival 2014

For My Mother

My mother says my granny spent time in the sanatorium
Every day she listened to pigeons cooing
“Eat more, poor things,” is what she heard them say

 My mother has feared madness all her life
Ask her what it means and she recalls
The Black Mariah and pigeons cooing

My granny gave my mother a bar of soap every year
for her birthday. My granny gave my mother away
when she was two

My mother scribbles the figure two and puts it inside a box
then draws a shape around it. The shape could be anything
but it looks like a ball of string

My mother keeps her pain wrapped up tight
Ask her what it is and she crouches

over it…too much string to unravel

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